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Pharmacovigilance – Products

App Note / Case Study

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis in drug development mainly focuses on methods to identify and quantify potential new drug candidates. It is imperative that effective, robust methods are used to maintain the safety of the product.

Protein Biomarkers Show Promise in Predicting Patient Response to Cancer Immunotherapies

Cancer immunotherapy relies on activating or enhancing the antitumor immune response and has taken a central position in cancer treatment modalities. However, not all patients respond to immunotherapy.

SomaScan Assay: The World's Largest Proteomic Platform

The SomaScan® Assay is the first and only technology that can measure 7,000 proteins over a wide range of concentrations, enabling unprecedented discovery for a variety of disease applications. The SomaScan proteomics platform supports the entire drug discovery and development pipeline from biomarker exploration to clinical trial monitoring. You can get started using the SomaScan Assay today with no set-up fees, and you maintain full ownership of your data.
Product News

Avacta Announces First Patient Dosed in AVA6000 Pro-Doxorubicin Phase I Clinical Trial

Avacta Group plc is pleased to announce that the first patient has been dosed in its Phase I multicentre trial evaluating AVA6000, a novel pro-drug of Doxorubicin.
Product News

Lonza and CN Bio Announce Distribution Agreement Providing Prevalidated Hepatocytes

Lonza and CN Bio have entered into a distribution agreement whereby Lonza will supply a selection of hepatic cells to be prequalified by CN Bio for use in their PhysioMimix™ Single-and Multi-Organ MPS to transform the way human-relevant pre-clinical data is generated.
Product News

InSphero and Pharmaceutical Companies Form Pre-Competitive Consortium to Advance Development of In Vitro Tools

InSphero AG has officially launched a pre-competitive consortium that brings together representatives from pharmaceutical companies engaged and invested in the development of cross-species drug testing and validation strategies for rapid, reliable drug-testing of drug-induced liver injury (DILI) and translation to humans.
Product News

Enterprise Therapeutics Doses First Subjects in Phase I Trial for Novel Cystic Fibrosis Therapy

Enterprise Therapeutics Ltd has announced it has successfully dosed the first subjects in a Phase 1 trial for its novel inhaled cystic fibrosis therapy, ETD001.
Product News

3Brain AG CorePlate™ Technology Combines Microchips and AI in a New Approach to Drug Discovery

3Brain AG has announced a new technology based on a unique combination of microchips and AI that promises to change the way drug candidates are selected at the preclinical level to enter into clinical trials.
Product News

Iksuda Therapeutics Closes $47 Million Financing Round

Iksuda Therapeutics, the developer of a new generation of antibody drug conjugates with raised therapeutic index, has announced it has completed a US $47 million financing round.
Product News

InSphero and Hamilton Announce Collaboration To Improve the Production and Handling of Spheroids

InSphero AG and Hamilton have announced the companies have entered into a collaboration to improve the production and handling of 3D microtissues (spheroids).