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RNA-Seq – Multimedia

How To Guide

How To Address NGS Challenges

Download this guide to learn how to select the appropriate NGS method and sequencing platform, deal with samples of variable quality, and set up and manage the data analysis pipeline.

Isolation and Functional Validation of Quiescent Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells With Joseph Regan

Dr. Joseph Regan speaks to Lucy Lawrence and shares information from a recently published protocol for the isolation and functional validation of label-retaining quiescent colorectal cancer stem cells from patient-derived organoids for RNA-seq.

Spatial Transcriptomics: Understanding Gene Regulation in the Tissue Context

Download this listicle to explore spatial transcriptomics applications and key technologies including next-generation sequencing based-methods, In situ sequencing-based methods and In situ hybridization-based methods.

Enhancing Histological Tissue and Cell Characterization With Simultaneous Gene Expression and Protein Measurements

Cells establish their function, identity and state through the careful orchestration of complex molecular mechanisms leading to gene expression. To characterize cells more accurately, it is important to evaluate gene expression at both transcript and protein levels.

Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics of a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Download this poster to learn more about unbiased spatial gene expression,
application of spatial gene expression plus immunofluorescence validation and targeted analysis.

Spatial Transcriptomics

In this infographic, we explore how and why spatial transcriptomics brings us one step closer to a more holistic understanding of cell biology.
How To Guide

Visium Spatial Profiling

Download this guide to learn how to design your gene expression experiments, optimize experimental parameters and identify appropriate tools to analyze spatial gene expression data.

Beyond the Genome: Advances in Sequencing the Brain

Our ability to rapidly sequence the nucleic acids that form the building blocks of our cells has arguably done more for biomedical science over the last twenty years than any other development. But modern sequencing techniques have now moved beyond the genome and in this infographic, we review the new multiomics methods powering neuroscience discovery.
How To Guide

Why Single-Cell Sequencing?

Download this guide to learn more about analyzing gene and protein expression, performing comprehensive immune phenotyping, mapping regions of open chromatin and much more.
How To Guide

How To Optimize Next-Generation Sequencing Workflows

Download this guide to learn more about techniques such as bulk tissue RNA sequencing, single-nucleus RNA sequencing and whole-genome DNA sequencing.