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RNA-Seq – News and Features

Multimodal analyses of cells from abnormal tunnels in Crohn's disease converge to illuminate underlying pathomechanisms.

Single-Cell Analysis Reveals Mechanism of Common Crohn’s Disease Complication

Study identifies key pathways underlying perianal fistula, a complication that is more prevalent and severe in African American populations.
Zebrafish swim in an aquarium.

Zebrafish Immune System Linked to Ability To Regenerate Damaged Heart Tissue

A heart attack will leave a permanent scar on a human heart, yet other animals, including zebrafish, can clear cardiac scar tissue and regrow damaged muscle. A new study sheds light on the molecular and cellular mechanisms at play in this regeneration.
Oak tree on a white background.
Industry Insight

Sequencing Life To Conserve Biodiversity

Neil Ward tells us about the role that genomics can play in conserving biodiversity and how innovative technologies such as HiFi sequencing are helping biodiversity projects.
Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell

Cancer Research, Mentorship and Confidence in Your Competence With Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell

Cancer researcher Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell reflects on her journey into studying health disparities, touches on the importance of mentorship and shares some inspiring advice for women and girls considering a career in STEMM.
Three test tubes in a beaker, one filled with yellow liquid.

Urine Test Detects High-Grade Prostate Cancer

A novel urine-based test that measures 18 markers can accurately detect high-grade prostate cancer, potentially reducing the need for invasive biopsies.
T cells.

Immune Cells “Remember” the Pain of Newborn Injuries

In recent years, a growing body of research has shown that the human body can “remember” the pain of newborn injuries–including life-saving surgeries–all the way into adolescence.
Cancer cells.

Study Uncovers Potential Immunotherapy Approach for Rare Eye Cancer

New research explains why metastatic uveal melanoma is resistant to conventional immunotherapies and how adoptive therapy can successfully treat this rare and aggressive cancer.
Red blood cells in a blood vessel.

Novel Cell Type in Blood Vessels Found Responsible for Vascular Growth

The discovery of a new cell type responsible for vascular growth could allow for novel treatment strategies for some cardiovascular disease.
Two pigs looking over a wooden fence.

Copper Beads in Pig Feed Show Potential for Gut Health Benefits

Since pigs can tolerate high levels of the metal, researchers at Texas Tech University in Amarillo recently investigated whether copper might be used to promote pig gut health and reduce the shedding of microbes to the environment.
Brain cells under a microscope.

Lewy Bodies in Brain Cells Reveal Parkinson’s Disease Insights

A new study from Van Andel Institute scientists offers a first look into the complex molecular changes that occur in brain cells with Lewy bodies, which are key pathological hallmarks of Parkinson’s disease and some dementias.