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RNA-Seq – Products

Twist RNA Exome Panel, RNA, FFPE

Twist RNA Exome Panel: Target The Transcriptome and Discover More Biology

Twist RNA Exome Panel is built for RNA extracted from challenging samples such as FFPE and low input. The target enrichment tool increases the signal while requiring fewer sequencing reads for the same number of genes detect.
A snippet of a DNA helix being captured
App Note / Case Study

Enhancing Precision in RNA-Seq with Target Enrichment

This application note describes a novel design strategy aimed at reducing bias and facilitating the discovery of novel fusion genes.
A scan image of a cancer infected set of lungs
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Future-Proof Your RNA-Seq Workflow

This application note describes the use of targeted custom RNA panels to overcome these challenges by enabling the robust and sensitive detection of gene expression profiles from FFPE non-small cell lung cancer samples.
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Scale Biosciences Announces ScalePlex Technology To Simplify Single Cell Genomics Studies of Any Scale

Novel multiplexing technology enables seamless sample pooling facilitating cost-efficient single cell experiments for compound screening and translational research.
A strand of RNA.
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Bio-Rad Launches ddSEQ™ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit for Single-Cell Gene Expression

ddSEQ™ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit and Omnition v1.1 Analysis Software Enable High-Quality and Affordable Single-Cell Transcription and Gene Expression to Support Molecular Biology, Oncology, and Drug Discovery Research.
iPSC-derived astrocytes, human astrocytes, glial cells, opti-ox technology

ioAstrocytes - Human iPSC-Derived Astrocytes

ioAstrocytes offer a solution to researchers who are searching for easy-to-use, highly characterised human cells that are designed for co-culture and effectively recapitulate astrocyte functions within CNS models in vitro
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Evotec, Inserm, Lille University Hospital and Inserm Transfert enter collaboration to identify novel therapeutic targets in obesity and metabolic diseases

Partnership will expand Evotec’s molecular patient database in the area of metabolic diseases and in particular obesity.
App Note / Case Study

Optimizing RNA Sequencing of FFPE Samples

This application note evaluates several commercially available rRNA depletion kits, providing an optimized protocol for the efficient removal of rRNA from FFPE samples.
Nanopore Sequence Still

Multiomic Sequencing Solutions To Revolutionize Human Disease Research

Understanding the mechanisms of human disease requires a multiomic approach; however, legacy multiomic methods require multiple platforms and complex processes with lengthy turnaround times and considerable costs.
Immune Cell Types
App Note / Case Study

Quantitative Cell Profiling of Immune Cell Types From Whole Blood Samples

This application note explores an optimized RNA-sequencing workflow that reliably determines cell subset abundance and cell-type-specific gene expression profiles from bulk tissue or blood expression data.