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Single-Cell Analysis – Multimedia

A close-up of several blue cells floating in a blurred, blue background.
How To Guide

Sample Prep Tips for Single-Cell Analysis

Sample preparation for single-cell analysis is just as crucial as the downstream analysis. Download this guide to explore tips on sample selection, experimental planning, cell handling, cell isolation, quality control measures and working with complex samples.


Scaling Single-Cell Omics With Automated Liquid Handling

In this video podcast we explore how Scale Bioscience’s combinatorial indexing library preparation and the firefly® liquid handling automation platform from SPT Labtech are transforming single-cell sequencing and traditional manual library preparation workflows.
hand holding lightbulb on yellow background
How To Guide

Top Tips for Enhancing Single-Cell Sequencing

This guide explores the nuances of these challenges and presents promising strategies designed to overcome them, enabling researchers to access the full spectrum of cellular diversity and function in health and disease.

Accelerating Single-Cell Analysis and Screening with the Power of Picodroplets

In this Teach Me in 10 video, we'll explore the acceleration of single-cell analysis and screening within the drug discovery process.
Immune Cell Types
App Note / Case Study

Quantitative Cell Profiling of Immune Cell Types From Whole Blood Samples

This application note explores an optimized RNA-sequencing workflow that reliably determines cell subset abundance and cell-type-specific gene expression profiles from bulk tissue or blood expression data.
Screen Single Cells in Their Own Microenvironment
App Note / Case Study

Screen Single Cells in Their Own Microenvironment

This app note highlights a uniquely protective environment to support cell viability and integrity during incubation and shield cells against shear stress during subsequent analysis.

Human head and torso with organs visible

Five Steps Towards the Human Cell Atlas

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) is an international consortium working towards the goal of creating an atlas of every cell type in the human body. Download this listicle to explore how the project is providing insights into pregnancy disorders, brain cell types and lung diseases.
Peptide protein
App Note / Case Study

High Sensitivity Immunopeptidomics Using Mass Spectrometry

This application note demonstrates how timsTOF and single-cell proteomics (SCP) approaches can be combined to create a robust and sensitive immunopeptidomics workflow.
Close up protein structure

Proteomics Technologies and Applications

Through a selection of articles, interviews and graphics, this eBook will provide readers with an overview of key advances in proteomics technologies and the applications of proteomics research.
Floating cells on a dark blue background.

Five Applications of Single-Cell Analysis Technologies

Download this listicle to discover recent examples of how single-cell analysis methods are driving forward research into cancer, aging, and drug discovery and development.