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Single-Cell Analysis – Multimedia

How To Guide

How To Address NGS Challenges

Download this guide to learn how to select the appropriate NGS method and sequencing platform, deal with samples of variable quality, and set up and manage the data analysis pipeline.

Single-Cell Proteomics

Experience the future of single-cell sensitivity today.
How To Guide

Why Single-Cell Sequencing?

Download this guide to learn more about analyzing gene and protein expression, performing comprehensive immune phenotyping, mapping regions of open chromatin and much more.

Demystifying Single-Cell Sequencing

Every field of biology has a moonshot vision. Whether that be identifying a new cell type in a poorly characterized tissue, finding a lasting, effective drug target for Alzheimer’s disease or reaching 100% remission rates for immunotherapy across patients and cancer types.

Making Single-Cell Proteomics Mainstream: Perspectives from Key Opinion Leaders

Download this eBook to explore the new perspectives on single-cell analysis.

A Vivid, Full View of the Immune System

Download this infographic to learn more about single-cell RNA sequencing, immune repertoire profiling, cell surface protein and antigen specificity with DNA barcodes.

Spotlight on Oncology

Download this eBook to learn more about advancing oncology, integrating cancer cell data, defining hetergenous tumor ecosystems as well as modelling tumors cell by cell.

Applications of Single-Cell Sequencing

Over recent years, single-cell sequencing has become a method ubiquitously used across several different areas of biological research. Why have so many researchers so rapidly adopted this relatively novel set of techniques and how can they be applied?

5 Key RNA Sequencing Techniques in Neuroscience

In this list, discover more about the key RNA-seq techniques used in neuroscience, including the direction and contributions of single-cell RNA sequencing, patch-seq and fluorescence in situ sequencing.

Key Techniques in Cell Therapy Quality Control

Download this list to discover more about some of the latest key techniques in cell therapy quality control.