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Single-Cell Analysis – News and Features


New Approach to Large-Scale Single-Cell Profiling Developed

A new experimental pipeline has been developed to profile more cell types from different tissues, incorporating machine learning to collate the data and assemble the cell atlas.

Cells Unlock Restrictions on Phenotypic Plasticity To Progress as Cancer

From a cell signaling perspective, phenotypic plasticity is important because it allows cells to take on a form that aids their invasive and metastatic abilities. In this article, we explore the topic in more detail.

Tracing a Cancer's Family Tree To Reveal Key Evolutionary Moments

A lineage-tracing approach has been applied to cancer cells to observe how and when important cancer cell traits evolved.

First Panoramic Spatial Atlases of Life Released

Spatially resolved transcriptomics studies have been used to examine the cellular dynamics of organisms during development, enabling the design of spatial atlases of life.
Industry Insight

Digital Evolution: How Computer Science and AI Are Driving Microscopy Innovation and Advancing Life Sciences

This article explores how automated tools are helping researchers to algorithmically “unmix” spectral ranges – producing faster, smarter and higher-quality data and providing new possibilities for interpreting image data.

New Immune Cell “Soldier” Could Be a Good Target for Immunotherapy

Researchers have discovered a new immune cell “soldier” that could be a good target for immunotherapy.

New Insights Into the Origins of Pancreatic Endocrine Cells

The discovery that pancreatic stem cells are only present during embryonic development has put an end to debate about the existence of adult pancreatic stem cells.

Brain Region Linked to Substance Abuse Mapped by New Atlas

In a work of systematic biology that advances the field, University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers have identified 16 distinct cell populations in a complex area of the midbrain called the ventral tegmental area, or VTA.


First Comprehensive Map of Human Blood Stem Cell Development Created

A roadmap that traces the steps of blood stem cell development in the human embryo has been created, which could help expand treatment options for blood cancers and disorders.

COVID-19: Combining Antiviral and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Improves Treatment Efficacy

Researchers have discovered that combination therapy of antibodies and dexamethasone may be more effective than giving each treatment in isolation.