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Sustainability – News and Features

A blue and purple illustration of a microchip with the letters "AI" written on it

Researchers Develop AI “Scientist” To Self-Drive Materials Discovery Experiments

A new AI-based method for efficient data collection could help scientists overcome complex challenges in materials discovery and design, allowing for greater precision and speed than ever before.
Smoke clouds coming from factory chimneys into the sky.

Novel Membrane Design Enhances CO2 Removal from Air

A new ambient-energy-driven membrane that pumps carbon dioxide out of the air has been developed by Newcastle University researchers.
An outline of a beaker made up of plants.

Innovative Electric Catalyst Transforms Carbon Dioxide into Sustainable Fuel

The study's findings offer a new way to improve materials across a wide field, despite there still being a lot to learn about how molecules work.
White clouds form the chemical symbol of carbon dioxide against a blue sky.

Scientists Make Breakthrough in Replicating the Enzyme That Captures Carbon

Scientists from King’s College London have recreated the active site of Acetyl-CoA Synthase, an enzyme involved in capturing carbon from the atmosphere.
A scientist.

New Nano-Scale Materials Mimic Enzymes To Convert CO2 Into Chemical Building Blocks

A recent paper marks a step forward in the quest for what researchers call a “holy grail” of chemistry: converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into chemical building blocks which could be used to create myriad other materials.
A hand hold four small plants in soil.

This "Smart" Soil Can Water and Feed Itself

A newly engineered type of soil can capture water out of thin air to keep plants hydrated and manage controlled release of fertilizer for a constant supply of nutrients.
Pigs in close proximity to each other, with one looking at the camera.

Intensive Farming Raises the Risk of Future Pandemics, Say Researchers

A new study finds that intensifying agriculture could contribute to emerging infectious disease risk.
Hydrogen bubbles.

Nano-Confinement May Be Key To Improving Hydrogen Production

Researchers have discovered a new mechanism that can boost the efficiency of hydrogen production through water splitting.
Someone holding a row of batteries.

Making Rechargeable Batteries More Sustainable With Fully Recyclable Components

Researchers reconfigured the design of solid-state lithium batteries so that of all their components can be easily recycled. They tested their innovation using coin cell batteries.
Three cows in a field.

CoRSIVs, First Discovered in Humans, Now Found in Cattle

CoRSIVs – regions of epigenetic variation that provide information on epigenetic causes of disease – have now been found in cattle, potentially allowing farmers to select desirable characteristics.