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Therapeutic Antibodies – Multimedia


Unlocking the Power of Therapeutic Antibodies

In this episode of Opinionated Science we dive into the world of therapeutic antibodies with Bio-Rad.

Facilitating Bispecific Antibody Drug Development Through Quality Control

This is especially critical for bispecific antibodies, which are regarded as the second generation of antibody cancer therapies.

Single-Cell Isolation: When Art Is Not Enough With Andris Abramenkovs

In this episode, we speak with Andris Abramenkovs, product manager of CellCelector technology at Sartorius.

Your Guide To Efficiently Develop Antibody-Based Therapeutics

In the “Quality by Design” approach for monoclonal antibody (mAb)-based therapeutics development, stability characterization—the probability of a protein unfolding—is performed to ensure that structure and function are preserved throughout development and manufacturing.

Biopharmaceuticals: What They Are and How They Are Made With Professor Andrew Zydney

In less than 10 minutes, Professor Andrew Zydney covers: What are biopharmaceuticals? How do they differ from traditional small-molecule pharmaceuticals? How are they made? What factors might influence the high cost of biopharmaceuticals?

Antibody-Based Therapeutics Against Cancer: Emerging Targets and Research Tools

Speaking at The Landscape of Cancer Research 2021 online symposium, Tianzi Li delivered her talk on the discovery of novel targets and the use of antibodies in cancer therapy.

A Roadmap to Antibody Drug Discovery

In recent years, therapeutic antibodies have become the predominant class of new drugs developed in order to combat different diseases including cancers and autoimmune diseases among others. Antibody drug discovery does not come without its challenges including screening, characterization and target identification.

Therapeutic Antibodies

In this infographic, we explore the pipeline of therapeutic antibody discovery, development and manufacturing, highlighting key advancements throughout.

New Electron Microscopy Technique Could Shortcut Development of Vaccines and Antibody Therapies

Scientists at Scripps Research have devised a method that may be able to shortcut one of the big steps in modern vaccine development.

Therapeutic Antibody Engineering: Past, Present and Future

Download this free listicle to learn more about the current scope and future prospects for therapeutic antibody engineering.