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Therapeutic Antibodies – News and Features

An IV bag hanging from a stand.

Endometrial Cancer Combination Therapy Shows Promising Results in Trial

Patients with advanced endometrial cancer saw a significant reduction in disease growth with the combination immunotherapy and chemotherapy.
Lady showing her bare stomach framing it with her hands.

Scientists Discover How Gut Microbiomes Influence the Effectiveness of Immunotherapy

Researchers have discovered how healthy bacteria can escape the intestine, travel to lymph nodes and cancerous tumors elsewhere in the body, and boost the effectiveness of certain immunotherapy drugs.
The 3D structure of an antibody, with different sections shown in red, orange and yellow.

First Nasal Antibody Treatment for COVID-19 Shows Promise Against Other Diseases

The anti-CD3 antibody drug used to treat COVID-19 has been trialed to treat other diseases and has been shown to reduce brain inflammation in multiple sclerosis patients.
Human melanoma cells viewed under the microscope, stained with haematoxylin and eosin.

Immunotherapy Before and After Surgery Improves Outcomes for High-Risk Melanoma

Starting the immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab before surgery, instead of waiting until after surgery, significantly improves the outlook for patients with high-risk melanoma.
A brown-stained cluster of breast cancer cells within purple-stained liver cells.

“Dead Zone” Within Tumors Helps Cancers Spread

New research has highlighted the role of a tumor's necrotic core in promoting metastasis, linking necrosis, circulating tumor cells and metastasis.
Influenza viral particles.

Progress in Glycobiology: Building on Foundations and Continuing Momentum

This article walks through some of the foundational developments in the field of glycobiology that have powered the progress made in 2022 and what these advancements signal for the future.
Clear glass vials filled with a colourless liquid sit on a conveyor belt.

Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Biopharmaceutical Analysis

This article will review the latest applications of mass spectrometry-based techniques across the stages of biopharmaceutical development and testing.
Breast cancer cells shown in blue, green and red.

Cancer-Killing Virus Treatment Shows Promise in Aggressive Breast Cancer

An oncolytic virotherapy has shown promise for treating triple-negative breast cancer.
Antibodies binding receptors and stimulating them.

Anti-Cancer Antibodies Boosted by Reducing Their Grip

New research from the Centre of Cancer Immunology has shown that changing how tightly an antibody binds to a target could improve treatments for cancer.
Representation of antibodies.
Industry Insight

Streamlining Lead Identification

To learn more about the Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform and its potential impact on drug discovery and development, we spoke to Dr. John Cardone.