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Water Analysis – News and Features

A group of women talking at a table.

Significant Chemical Exposures Linked to Certain Cancers in Women

A new study has found a link between exposure to PFAS compounds and phenols and a prior diagnosis of uterine, melanoma and ovarian cancer. The same study also identified racial differences in such associations.
Two sleeping parents with a newborn baby in the middle.

The Ideal Nap Schedule To Help New Parents Survive the Newborn Stage

New analysis of pilot studies on night shift naps conducted from 2012 to 2018 revealed the ideal snoozing strategy that might help counteract drowsiness and fatigue during a 16-hour overnight duty. The findings can also benefit new parents.
A river.

Warming Rivers Are Rapidly Losing Oxygen, Putting Aquatic Life at Risk

Rivers are warming and losing oxygen faster than oceans, according to a Penn State-led study. The study shows that of nearly 800 rivers, warming occurred in 87% and oxygen loss occurred in 70%.
A white drone with four propellors. A device sits in a basket underneath.

Air Pollution Tested on the Wing by Lab-on-a-Drone

Researchers have developed a "lab-on-a-drone" that can detect and analyze pollutants, such as hydrogen sulfide, while on the wing.
Small pieces of plastic waste.

A Novel Approach for Removing Microplastics From Water

A new study has identified what may be a novel biological approach for removing extremely small and potentially dangerous plastic particles from water.
E coli bacterium.

Bacteria Generate Electricity From Wastewater

Researchers have enhanced the ability of E. coli bacteria to generate electricity. The innovative approach offers a sustainable solution for organic waste processing while outperforming previous state-of-the-art technologies.
A man holding a carton of water to his mouth.

Hot Summer Air Turns Into Drinking Water With New Gel Device

For the past few years, researchers have focused on the moisture present in the air as a potential source of drinking water for drought-stressed populations.
A droplet of water drips from a metal kitchen faucet.

Plumbing Parts May Leak Dangerous Chemicals Into Drinking Water

Some of the additives used to make flexible rubber plumbing parts could be leaking into our drinking water, a new study suggests.
Small fragments of plastic straws.

Behavioral Changes Caused by Widespread Infiltration of the Body by Microplastics

According to murine research, microplastic exposure induced both behavioral changes and alterations in immune markers in liver and brain tissues. The exposed mice also began exhibiting behaviors akin to dementia in humans.
Gold glitter fills the air.

Glitter Impairs Growth of Key Organisms in Aquatic Ecosystems, Study Shows

Glitter from makeup, greetings cards and clothing gets everywhere – including our waterways, where it can hinder the growth of key organisms in the ecosystem.