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Water Analysis – News and Features

Lobsters on the grill.

Shrimp and Lobster Dishes May Come With Elevated PFAS Risk

The researchers warn that safety standards for PFAS are urgently needed in seafood.
A city scape.

Around 250,000 Acres of Estuaries Were Converted Into Cities and Farms In the Last 35 Years

Most estuary conversion took place in rapidly developing, middle-income countries, highlighting opportunities for action to protect these economically and environmentally important landscapes.
Foaming water running over brown leaves on the ground.

Global Source Water Exceeds PFAS Safe Drinking Limits

A new UNSW-led international study, published today in Nature Geoscience, assessed the levels of PFAS contamination in surface and ground water around the globe.
Coral reef.

Corals Reefs Can Bounce Back After Heatwaves

With marine heatwaves of varying severity identified in Australian waters over the summer, a new study of a remote coral reef in the north-west has found that they can recover from bleaching events caused by heatwaves.
A person's abdomen with an animation of human intestines and bacteria on their stomach.

Disturbed Gut Flora in Early Years Linked to Autism

Disturbed gut flora during the first years of life is associated with diagnoses such as autism and ADHD later in life. This is according to a study led by researchers at the University of Florida and Linköping University.
A golden colored frog with black spots perches on a leaf.

Potential Achilles Heel Identified in Global Frog-Killing Fungus

Engineering a virus that infects a frog-killing fungus could be the answer to controlling the spread of disease and saving the amphibians.
Cattle grazing in a field

Grasslands Should Be Matched to Cows' Personalities, Say Researchers

Recognizing personality differences in cattle could help ranchers select herds that best meet grazing needs on rangelands, leading to better animal health and environmental conditions.
A dolphin pops his head above the water.

Researchers Conduct First Fecal Microbiota Transplant in Dolphins

Scientists have successfully carried out pioneering fecal microbiota transplantations on Navy bottlenose dolphins that showed signs of gastrointestinal disease.
A glass being filled with tap water.

Testing London’s Water for PFAS

This World Water Day, we hear from a project testing London's tap water for forever chemicals.
A prison scene.

Drinking Water in U.S. Prisons May Have Dangerously High Levels of PFAS

A new paper finds that 47% of America’s carceral facilities are in watersheds that are likely contaminated with PFAS, while 5% of the facilities are in watersheds already known to carry dangerously high levels of PFAS.