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Water Analysis – News and Features

A wastewater treatment plant.

Two Previously Unknown Species Use the Toxic Gas Nitric Oxide To Grow

In a long-term culture, scientists find and characterize two new microorganisms growing on the toxic gas nitric oxide, reducing it completely to N2.
A black, tan and white Jack Russell terrier.

Drug-Resistant Fungus Found Living in Stray Dogs’ Ears

Scientists have discovered and isolated the first live culture of the drug-resistant pathogen Candida auris from an animal, specifically from the ear canals of stray dogs.
A researcher stands inside a glacier cave on Svalbard, Norway. The light shining through the ice casts a blue glow around the cave.

Shrinking Arctic Glaciers Are Unearthing a New Source of Methane

In a new study, researchers identified large stocks of methane gas leaking from the groundwater springs uncovered by melting glaciers in the Arctic.
An outdoor water tap.

Do Microbial Communities Lurking in Water Pipes Pose a Threat?

An engineer has launched a study to solve the unknowns about microorganisms growing inside pipes that bring drinking water to homes and businesses.

Paintbrush resting on top of an open tin of purple paint.

To Keep Pace With Emerging PFAS Regulations, Labs Must Modernize Their Analytical Science

New safety standards for PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, are changing the way we must test products and materials for quality and compliance.
Bin lorry tipping a load of rubbish at a municipal waste site.

Promising Treatment Could Recover Valuable Phosphorus From Municipal Waste

Researchers have developed a method to simultaneously remove and recover phosphorus, which today comes mostly from nonrenewable reserves of phosphate rock, from solid municipal waste without adding chemicals.
Cross section of water

Heating Method Rapidly Rids Water Systems of Unwanted PFAS Residues

Researchers have developed an innovative method to rapidly break down PFAS left on the surface of two solid materials after they have been used to filter PFAS from municipal water systems.
DNA helix.
Industry Insight

Exploring the Role of Viral Genomics in Pandemic Preparedness

This article discusses why the proactive detection and monitoring of viral threats through genomics studies is vital in preventing future pandemics and empowering healthcare providers in the face of increasing globalization.
A robotic arm stretched out to clasp a mineral stack in the deep ocean where magnetic bacteria have been discovered.

Magnetic Bacteria Able To Survive Deep Ocean

Magnetotactic bacteria, which can align with the Earth’s magnetic field, have been discovered in a new location. Previously observed on land and in shallow water, analysis of a hydrothermal vent proved that they can also survive deep under the ocean.
Water splashing into a clear glass

Don’t Wait, Desalinate: New Water Purification System Cuts Cost, Energy Expenses

Researchers have developed a new water purification system that uses an electrified version of dialysis to separate salt and other unnecessary particles from the water. The method saves money and saps 90% less energy than its competitors.