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An Egyptian mummy.

Recreating the Scent of the Afterlife From Egyptian Mummification Balm

Researchers led by Dr. Barbara Huber have recreated the ancient scent used in the mummification of an Egyptian noblewoman over 3,500 years ago. Dubbed “the scent of eternity,” it will be presented at Denmark's Moesgaard Museum.
Overhead shot of the center of an aloe vera plant looking down into the leaf base.

Discarded Aloe Peels Could Be a Sustainable, Natural Insecticide

Scientists report that aloe peels, often discarded as agricultural waste, can ward off bugs, acting as a natural insecticide. They have identified several bioactive compounds in extracts from the peels that deter insects from feasting on crops.
Technology Networks - weekly science roundup.

Weekly Science News Roundup

Your weekly science news roundup is here.
Sample prep

Stressed About Sample Prep? Agilent can help!

Take a musical journey through the challenges of sample preparation for small molecules, food testing, drug screening, and more. Each verse will show you how to go from sample preparation stress to success.
The Swiss Army Knife of NIR

The Swiss Army Knife of NIR

Check off all the things on your NIR wish list:

- Fourier Transform interferometer for exceptional wavelength accuracy? Check.
- Flexibility to switch between sampling vials, through baggies, or auto-sampling? Check.
- Temperature-controlled liquids module for superior precision? Check.
- Option to sample directly into a drum? Check.
TKN analysis of environmental samples: soil and wastewater Kjeldahl nitrogen determination

TKN Analysis of Environmental Samples: Soil and Wastewater Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination

In this video, we take a show TKN analysis, a critical method for determining total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) in soil and wastewater samples.

TKN is a key indicator of the nitrogen content in environmental samples, providing critical information for monitoring and assessing environmental impacts. We demonstrate each step of the Kjeldahl method for TKN determination, which involves digestion, distillation and titration, and how it can be applied to both soil and wastewater samples.
Closeup of a burger.

Which Is Better for You: "Real" or "Fake" Meat?

Are alternative meats actually better for us and the planet? Carolyn Beans investigates the differences between farmed meat, plant-based meat and lab-grown meat.
Close up of orange flames.

Burning Forever Chemicals With Water

Forever chemicals are extremely useful in industry, but they can also leak into the environment, your drinking water and your blood. And they last (practically) forever. But now chemists have a new way to destroy them: burning them with water.
A finger reaching down to touch a young child's ear.

Treating Earaches With Nanoparticles That Generate Antiseptic on Demand

Ear infections are a common childhood ailment, but the rise of antibiotic resistance has scientists looking for alternative treatments. Researchers developed a new kind of earache treatment that exploits a chemical produced by the infectious bacteria.
A lit cigarette.

Why Smoking Anything Is a Terrible Idea

In this video, Justin from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the reality of smoking, regardless of what's actually being smoked.