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Latest Videos

Two female scientists look at a test tube.

Celebrating Female Scientists on International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Technology Networks is delighted to showcase the work of Dr. Angela Calderón, associate professor in drug discovery and development at Auburn University in the United States.
Glasses held up to a blurred background. Through the lens a focused image of trees can be seen.

Why Do So Many People Need Glasses Now?

This video explores why children around the world have been diagnosed with nearsightedness at increasingly high rates.
Front of an electric vehicle plugged into a charging cable.

Why Are Electric Vehicle Fires So Hard To Put Out?

Can we solve electric vehicle fires before we fully understand what’s happening inside them?

5-4-3-2-1 – Rapid Ambient Mass Spectrometry: Answers in Seconds

Speaking at Advances in Food & Beverage Analysis, Nicholas Birse from Queens University, presented their talk on rapid ambient mass spectrometry.

3D Printing of Protein Foods – Opportunities and Challenges

Speaking at Advances in Food & Beverage Analysis, Lovedeep Kaur from Massey University, presented their talk on 3D printing of protein foods.

Entomoculture: Using Insect Cells for Cellular Agriculture

Speaking at the Advances in Food & Beverage Analysis 2022 online symposium, Sophie Letcher from Tufts University delivered her talk on the use of insect cells as a sustainable food source.
Gloved hands holding a human muscle.

How To Save Your Muscles From Aging

In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the decline in muscle mass as we age, some of the main reasons for this decline and the best type of exercise and resistance training to help minimize this age-related reduction in muscle mass.

Master Safety to Obtain and Maintain Quality

Speaking at the Advances in Food & Beverage Analysis 2022 online symposium, Trevor Morones, Founder and Co-CEO of Control Point, delivered his talk on how to effectively allocate resources, maximize production efficiency and promote growth.

Measuring Cellular Protein Dynamics During Stress Using Quantitative Proteomics

Speaking at ‘Advances in Proteomics & Metabolomics’ 2022, Christian Münch from Goethe University, presented their talk on measuring Cellular Protein Dynamics.
Outside sink with a tap, which is turned on and water is pouring out and splashing over the sink sides.

Detecting Mercury Ions With Just a Tap

Researchers have developed a self-powered nanosensor that can discover small amounts of mercury ions and immediately report the result.