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Latest Videos

A picture of a shark.

Shark-Sourced Vaccine Ingredient May Be on Its Way Out

Researchers are exploring how yeast can be used to produce shark-derived squalene analogues.
Representation of a bladder tumor cell

Early Detection of Bladder Cancer with Oncuria

In this video, Dr. Charles Rosser, a board-certified urologist discusses the development of Oncuria for the early detection of bladder cancer.
Person applying a tattoo to someone's arm.

EU’s Ban on Tattoo Ink: Breaking Down the Chemistry

Recently, a handful of tattoo inks have been banned by the European Union for safety reasons. Here’s what chemistry has to say about these precarious pigments.
What Happened This Week in Science? content piece image

What Happened This Week in Science?

Check out the Technology Networks news team's selection of their favorite scientific stories from the week.
A table filled with food.

Eat Your Veggies for a Lower Carbon Footprint

Researchers compared the carbon-footprint values and health benefits of six popular diets, finding the standard American diet to be the most carbon-intensive.
A woman shouts through a megaphone

Why Your Voice Is Like a Fingerprint

In this video, you'll learn more about how we produce sounds and why no one else sounds like you.
Woman in a lab coat stood in front of the periodic table pouring liquid between two glass flasks.

What Do the Elements Sound Like?

Using a technique called data sonification, a recent college graduate has converted the visible light given off by the elements into audio, creating unique, complex sounds for each one.
A brain and different shapes on a pink background.

Why the Dyslexic Brain Is Misunderstood

For decades, research was largely focused on how brain organization in dyslexia often results in delays and difficulty in areas like reading, spelling and grammar. And today, there continues to be stigma and misconceptions around a dyslexia diagnosis.
Cell and Gene Therapy Workflows with Bio-Rad content piece image

Cell and Gene Therapy Workflows with Bio-Rad

In this informative video, you will discover the latest technologies and workflows used in the field of cell and gene therapy.
A picture of DNA and a droplet of blood.

New Biomarkers Could Predict Pancreatic Cancer Risk

A new study identifies a set of biomarkers that could help clinicians to predict whether pancreatic cysts will remain benign or develop into cancer.