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A magnifying glass hovering over a sign that reads "mRNA".

Dr. Katalin Karikó Reacts to Winning the 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology

In this interview, Dr. Katalin Karikó talks about discovering she had won the Nobel Prize for discoveries that accelerated the introduction of vaccines for COVID-19. She recalls her journey and some of the setbacks on the path to the mRNA vaccines.
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The Future of Pipetting Is Here

In this episode of Teach Me in 10, we are joined by two experts in the field to discuss the future of pipetting.
MODA® Platform

The MODA® Platform: Digitalizing Quality & Manufacturing

Learn how Lonza’s MODA® Platform can help you by facilitating paperless execution across manufacturing & QC processes.
Neon heart

The Very First Beat: How a Heart Starts To Pulse

Using microscopes and glowing fluorescent proteins, researchers have been able to examine the developing heart of zebrafish embryos coordinate the very first beat.
A 3D model of a human brain with coloured string emitting from the sides.

48-Hour Time-Lapse Video Showing Developing Neurons Wins Nikon’s Small World Competition

Dr. Alexandre Dumoulin joined Technology Networks' junior science editor Rhianna-Lily Smith for an exclusive interview to reveal more about their video.
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Revolutionizing Drug Discovery With Genomic Screening

This episode explores revolutionizing drug discovery with genomic screening.
Technology Networks weekly science news roundup.

Weekly Science News Roundup

Here are our top three headlines from the week! Which story was your favorite?
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"Environmental Monitoring in Biopharmaceutical Facilities

In this episode we discuss environmental monitoring, regulations, and introduce the Applied Biosystems MicroSEQ™ Rapid microbial ID system.
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Traversing the Flood of Data in Today’s Digital Labs

In this episode, we delve into the best practices for leveraging data to spot anomalies and drive actions aimed at enhancing overall lab operations and efficiency.
Coffee beans

How To Make the Best Coffee, According to Science

If you drink coffee, you might wonder if you're doing the most to make the absolute best cup of coffee. Fortunately for you, science has the answers.