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Celebrating Female Scientists on International Women’s Day

March 8 marks International Women’s Day 2023, a global holiday that celebrates women’s rights movements and brings focus to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights and violence against women.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Technology Networks is delighted to showcase the work of Dr. Angela Calderón, associate professor in drug discovery and development at Auburn University in the United States.

At Auburn University, Dr. Calderón’s research interests lie in the application of mass spectrometry to study enzyme kinetics and ligand–enzyme interactions, particularly in the context of natural products drug discovery. Beyond the contributions her laboratory has made in botanical drug development, Dr. Calderón is also an advocate for women in science – recruiting only female scientists to her laboratory. She is also a passionate mentor for women in science, receiving the 2023 Female Scientist Pharmacist Research Excellence Award and the 2020 Provost Award for Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring.

Join us for this Teach Me in 10 video to learn more about Dr. Calderón’s research and how she is championing efforts to support women in science and engineering roles.