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Chemists Know - (Parody of "Let It Go" from Frozen) - University of California Irvine

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Eric Potma & Rachel Martin:

Gianmarc Grazioli:
Music, (Singing, Guitar & Lyrics)

Shaunt Kouyoumdjian:
Camera Operator, Direction & Editing

Luis Mascareno, Chantal Eyong, and Natalie Paredes:
Camera Operators & Assistant Direction


Snow looks white, 'cause it's scattering light elastically.
Atoms are everywhere I look, though none of them can be seen. Molecules have always been a challenge to resolve.
Light microscopes don't work, heaven knows we tried.

Do they exist? Can they be seen?
Maybe using some spectroscopy!
For centuries, we didn't know. Well now...we know!

Chemists know, Chemists know
What makes water freeze and flow.
Chemists know, Chemists know,
Why fireflies can glow.

All chemists know Avogadro,
Order ten to twenty-three.
(the moles never bothered me anyway.)

Angstroms measure distance,
Nomenclature hard to say,
Though are macroscopic, we always find a way!

We love to see what we can do,
Synthesizing novel molecules,
From Exclusion Principle of Pauli:

Chemists know, Chemists know
About ozone in the sky
Chemists know, Chemists know
Sigma bonding vs. Pi

We understand Le Chatelier

There's chemistry to be found,
From the air down to the ground.
We make these compounds form
In flasks with bottoms that are round.

We hope they crystalize, 
'Cause columns are the worst!
Still we strive to do all this,
For the chance to be the first!

Chemists know, Chemists know
Why it's red at the break of dawn
Chemists know, Chemists know
Where reactants go when they're gone.

We need to know
Every single way
To form or break BONDS!
(the moles never bothered me anyway.)