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Postdoc Me Now - A "Don't Stop Me Now" Science Parody

We get it, grad school is hard. That's why we made a whole music video about it. When you get to the end of your PhD, it's time to say, "POSTDOC ME NOW!"

Hey Brainiacs! Thanks for watching this video. We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of what it’s like to be a grad student near the end of your PhD. 

Directed & produced by: Alie & Micah Caldwell

Written by: Kyle Fischer, Micah & Alie Caldwell

Filmed & edited by: Micah Caldwell

Choreography by: Alie & Micah Caldwell

Vocalists (in order of solo appearance):

Micah Caldwell

Meghan Rossi

Ethan McBride

Cindy Liu

Caroline Sferrazza 

Tom Gillespie

Alie Caldwell

Cast (in order of appearance):

Marvin Thielk

Vy Vo

Daniela Cassataro

Jess Du

Susan Lubejko

Margot Wohl

Marley Rossa

Catie Profaci

Emily Baltz

Alie Caldwell

Maribel Patino

Kenny Kuhn

James Howe VI

Dr. Gentry Patrick

Megan Kirchgessner

Barbara Spencer

Dr. Christina Gremel

Meghan Rossi

Dr. Tim Gentner

Special thanks to:

The Daneman Lab (for letting us showcase their handprint wall)

Catie Profaci (for coming in on a Sunday and letting us all in)

Erin & Linh (for supporting our antics and planning the party)

Gentry, Tina, and Tim (for playing along)

See behind the scenes footage and other extras on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/

This episode is supported by our wonderful Patreon Producers:

Ryan M. Shaver

Carrie McKenzie


Thanks you three! You're the smell of a fresh diploma after working on it for seven years.

And thanks to our other supportive Patrons, including:

DJ Brasier

Linda L Schubert

Susan Jones


Marcel Ward

Ilsa Jerome

Noah McCann

Ayan Doss

Jareth Arnold

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