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Potential Therapeutic Uses of Cannabinoids With Professor Roger Pertwee

For this installment of Teach Me in 10, we're bringing you a cross over event with our sister publication, Analytical Cannabis.

Much of what we know about the cannabis plant and its effects on the human body has only been formally discovered in the past 60 years. A good deal of these pioneering investigations have involved today's Teach Me in 10 guest: Roger Pertwee, an emeritus professor at the University of Aberdeen.

Join this Teach Me in 10 session to hear Professor Pertwee discuss how cannabis chemicals interact with the body’s own cannabinoid receptors, why such natural and synthetic cannabinoids show potential therapeutic benefits and how they might be stabilized for future clinical trials.

We hope you enjoy this cross over event. You can learn more about the cannabis research field by visiting Analytical Cannabis, a leading publication for scientists, technicians, and business professionals working in the cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics industries.