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Revolutionizing Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination Method with Zero Tube Movement

In this video, we demonstrate the revolutionary Zero Tube Movement Principle in Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method, showcasing a safer and more efficient workflow for the digestion, distillation, titration, and cleaning processes in TKN (Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen) determination.

The Zero Tube Movement Principle eliminates the need to handle individual sample tubes throughout the analysis, significantly improving safety and reducing the risk of accidents. By keeping the samples securely contained in a specially designed rack, we ensure a controlled environment while streamlining the workflow.

The sample tubes are initially placed in the rack, which is then transferred to the digester for the digestion process. This step ensures thorough decomposition of samples while maintaining their integrity.

Once the digestion is complete, the rack is placed into the autosampler and the samples are smoothly transferred via steam to the distillation unit. This innovative technique allows for the quick and easy transfer of samples from the rack to the distillation unit, eliminating the need to handle individual glass sample tubes. This seamless automation of this step enables saving time and reduces the risk of human error.

Furthermore, as the analysis nears completion, the sample tubes within the rack are prepared for cleaning using the retaining plate. This ensures efficient and uniform cleaning of the tubes, promoting consistency in subsequent analyses. Finally, the sample tubes are effortlessly loaded into the dish washer, simplifying the cleaning process and preparing them for future use.

Join us in embracing the Zero Tube Movement Principle, a groundbreaking approach that enhances laboratory safety, streamlines workflows, and optimizes productivity. Subscribe to our channel for more exciting videos showcasing the latest advancements in laboratory techniques and equipment. Stay tuned for more informative content on innovations for your workflow!

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