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The Lab Song (Bruno Mars Parody)

The Lab Song (Bruno Mars Parody)

The Lab Song (Bruno Mars Parody)

The Lab Song (Bruno Mars Parody)

Check out the Original Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song" Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLexg... 

Please help us out by sharing this with anyone and everyone... DON'T BE LAZY!!!

Thanks to everyone involved:


Ivana Salazar

Tyler Rice

Chris McNees

Walid Salameh

Ateeq Chaudhry

Kevin Morris

Veronica Stanley

Nate Crow

CJ Crawford

Alizeh Kanooz


Kayla Massie- vocals

Kyle Ryder- drums and congas

Veronica Stanley- guitar

Colten Settle- electric guitar

Craig Burtelic- bass

Sumaiya Chaudhry- ukulele

Kristen Marshall, Ivana Salazar, Kevin Morris, Chris McNees- whistlers


Marie Southerland

Rebecca Furby

Sumaiya Chaudhry

Equipment- Film/ Lighting

Ryan Vance

Brent Patterson

Scott Williamson

AJ Wendel

Joshua Ratliff

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Sumaiya Chaudhry

Special thanks:

Dr. Cohenford for allowing the use of his lab 

Dr. Somerville, Dr. Castellani, and Mrs. Combs for their support