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TKN Analysis of Environmental Samples: Soil and Wastewater Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination

In this video, we take a show TKN analysis, a critical method for determining total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) in soil and wastewater samples.

TKN is a key indicator of the nitrogen content in environmental samples, providing critical information for monitoring and assessing environmental impacts. We demonstrate each step of the Kjeldahl method for TKN determination, which involves digestion, distillation and titration, and how it can be applied to both soil and wastewater samples.

During the video, we will also highlight the importance of accessories that you can use that are specific for environmental samples, emphasizing the need for analytical safety to protect both the operator and the sample.

We will also show how to efficiently determine nitrogen by using an autosampler and automatic dosing, aspiration and titration which is improving the efficiency and accuracy of the overall analysis process.

Join us as we delve into the world of TKN analysis, exploring the steps to determine Kjeldahl nitrogen in soil and wastewater samples. With the Kjeldahl method and the latest features in distillation units, we can achieve reliable and accurate results, contributing to a safer and healthier environment for all purposes.

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