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Latest Upcoming Webinars & Online Events

A grayscale image of small bacterial particles.

Enhanced Microbial Profiling and Metagenomics With Nanopore Sequencing

In this webinar, you’ll hear from two experts about their research into microbial communities and the impact of nanopore sequencing technologies on their work.
Advances in Food and Beverage Testing 2024
Online Event

Advances in Food and Beverage Testing 2024

Explore the latest knowledge on the safety, authenticity and quality of food and beverages, as well as the technology that supports the critical work done to ensure the integrity of the food supply chain.
Red and white pill capsules filled with a strand of DNA on a blue background.

Ensuring the Clinical Utility of Pharmacogenomic Tests

Pharmacogenomic testing uses a patient’s genome to identify their response to a drug, forming a key part of personalized medicine.
Hundreds of clinical pharmacogenomics (PGx) tests are currently available on the market in the United States. With so many tests available, how can you determine that a test is clinically and analytically valid and holds clinical utility?
In this webinar, our expert speaker will outline the ACCE Model Project Framework as a tool for evaluating pharmacogenomic tests, describing the key considerations to take into account when implementing these tests.
You’ll learn how to select the genetic variants to be tested, choose the appropriate genotyping technology and develop laboratory procedures for sample processing and data analysis.
Technology Networks Antibodies and Screening Webinar 25th July 2024

Recent Advances in Screening Technologies for Human Monoclonal Antibodies for Infectious Diseases

In this webinar, Dr. James E. Crowe from Vanderbilt University Medical Center will discuss current approaches to screening for high potency, broad reactivity, synergistic combinations and reduced escapability.
Respiratory virus cell

A Respiratory Season Update

In recent past respiratory seasons, the world witnessed a “tripledemic” of Influenza (flu), SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). The 2024-25 landscape will likely be different, with new virus variants, new vaccines and treatments, like the game-changing antibody that protects children from RSV. The healthcare and public health community have also learned some valuable lessons going forward with the ever-evolving respiratory agents.

In this presentation, Dr. Rodney Rohde will discuss the primary microbiology, epidemiology, control, prevention, vulnerable populations, the importance of laboratory validation, and the benefits of molecular-based testing of these three primary respiratory season pathogens.
A double-stranded DNA helix composed of small blue circles.

Enhancing the Development of AAV-Based Therapeutics With Mass Photometry

A major challenge when developing AAV-based therapeutics is ensuring that empty AAVs that lack therapeutic DNA are removed, increasing the efficacy of the product.
Ask Me Anything Battery Research with Professor Wei Lu University of Michigan

Ask Me Anything: Battery Research

The future of sustainable energy hinges on next-generation battery technology. We're excited to announce an exclusive live Ask Me Anything session focused entirely on battery research!
Ask-Me-Anything Modern Lab Leader featuring Sean Tucker, Director of Laboratory Services, North Kansas City Hospital

Ask Me Anything: Modern Lab Leader

In the evolving lab environment, leaders face daily challenges like integrating AI and managing a new-gen workforce. To navigate these, join Sean Tucker, Director of Laboratory Services at North Kansas City Hospital, for an Ask-Me-Anything session on August 7.
Disease attacking DNA Strand

Applying Spatial Multiomics to Degenerative Diseases and Cancer

MALDI mass spectrometry imaging has emerged as a powerful technology platform for spatially resolved analysis and visualization of a wide range of molecules – including drugs, metabolites, peptides and more – in pharmaceutical R&D, clinical research and basic science. Advances in MALDI workflows are making the technique more accessible.
In this webinar, our speaker will discuss how a new MALDI workflow can be used to analyze lipids in degenerative disease and Alzheimer’s models, contextualizing lipid distribution by enabling comparison to multiple protein markers.
He’ll also highlight how the new workflow can be applied to the study of tumor subtypes and the tumor microenvironment.
Modern Lab Leader 2024
Online Event

The Modern Lab Leader 2024

From selecting instrumentation, building a team, managing day to day operations and helping to shape the future of the organization you work for, running a lab presents many challenges. Leadership experts will provide practical tips and guidance for current and aspiring lab managers working in industry and academia.