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3D RNA Imaging of Mouse Whole Brain at Single-Cell Resolution content piece image

3D RNA Imaging of Mouse Whole Brain at Single-Cell Resolution

Join this webinar to learn about TRIC-DISCO, a new pipeline for whole-brain 3D imaging of RNA spatial distributions. This innovative technique controls penetration of DNA probes for in situ hybridization to achieve uniform whole-brain staining. By using TRIC, in situ hybridization signals are maintained during clearing by DISCO, producing highly transparent tissues. The workflow eliminates the need for strict RNase-free environments and enables simple and robust whole-brain 3D imaging of transcriptional signatures, cell identity markers and noncoding RNAs at single-cell resolution throughout the entire brain. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about this groundbreaking technology and how it can impact your research.

Attend this webinar to: 

  • Learn about the limitations of current spatial analysis methods for RNA in whole-brain samples
  • Get to know TRIC-DISCO, a new pipeline enabling 3D imaging of spatial distributions of RNA in whole adult mouse brains
  • Discover the significant impact of TRIC-DISCO on the neuroscience field and beyond
A picture of Dr. Shigeaki Kanatani
Dr. Shigeaki Kanatani
Research Specialist, Karolinska Institute
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