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A New Perspective Using Novel LC-MS/MS Dissociation Techniques on a Benchtop Q-TOF Platform

The field of proteomics has undergone a powerful expansion over the past decade, thanks to advances in mass spectrometry (MS) based techniques.

Collision-induced dissociation is one such approach used on liquid chromatography-MS (LC-MS) platforms to fragment selected ions into the gas phase before analysis.

In this webinar, Jason Causon, the technical product manager for Accurate Mass Platforms at SCIEX, will explain how an innovative accurate mass platform enables richer, more comprehensive data with enhanced sensitivity.

In Jason's talk you will learn:

  • The next era of sensitivity for accurate mass
  • How the platform has enabled a new data landscape
  • The key applications that can be improved with this new technology
Jason Causon
Jason Causon
Accurate Mass, Technical Product Manager, SCIEX