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Ask Me Anything: CRISPR Genome Editing Technology

The discovery of CRISPR–Cas9 has led to a revolution in the field of genomic manipulations. Its multiple applications span from the manipulation of genomes of model organisms for research and the optimization of crops and animals to revolutionary changes in medicine. With the potential to modify human embryo cells, this technique also requires the development of new legislation and ethical principles.

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to speak directly with Dr. David Baltimore, a distinguished figure in this field and a Nobel Laureate, as he navigates the complexities of CRISPR genome editing technology. 

Dr. Baltimore, honored with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, is a pioneer whose work has profoundly deepened our understanding of genetic mechanisms. His expertise spans virology, immunology and genetics, illuminating the functioning of viruses and our immune system. His groundbreaking contributions not only have garnered global acclaim but have also paved the way for transformative advancements in gene editing.

What to expect:

  • In-depth exploration: Gain exclusive insights into the world of CRISPR, exploring its applications, challenges and future prospects.
  • Interactive Q&A: Engage directly with Dr. Baltimore and receive immediate, expert responses to your questions about CRISPR technology, its ethical implications and its potential societal impact.
  • Expert perspectives: Participate in an open exchange of ideas as Dr. Baltimore shares his viewpoints on questions posed by fellow participants

This AMA session is ideal for researchers, students, industry professionals and anyone intrigued by the possibilities and ethical considerations of CRISPR technology. 

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Keynote Speaker
A picture of Dr. David Baltimore
Dr. David Baltimore
Nobel Laureate
California Institute of Technology
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