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Ask Me Anything: Microplastics

Microplastics – minute and widespread particles resulting from the breakdown of plastic debris or deliberate manufacturing – have insidiously spread through ecosystems worldwide. Their pervasive presence in oceans, soils and air poses a growing threat to wildlife, ecosystems and human health. 

That's why
Technology Networks is excited to offer an exclusive opportunity for you to connect with Professor A.D. (Dick) Vethaak from VU University Amsterdam. This is your unique chance to delve into Dick's remarkable career or gain invaluable insights into the realm of microplastics.

With over three decades of experience in ecotoxicology, water quality and environmental health, his most recent research focuses on the impact of nano/microplastics on ecosystems and human health. His extensive knowledge of the risks associated with plastic pollution is highly esteemed by national governments, NGOs and international organizations. 

In this on-demand session, you can look forward to: 

  • Exclusive Insights: Explore the world of microplastics and what this means for your health and environment. 
  • Gain Expert Perspectives: Participate in the exchange of ideas as Prof. Vethaak shares his thoughts on questions posed by fellow participants. 

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Keynote Speaker
Professor Dr. Andre Dick Vethaak
Professor Dr. Andre Dick Vethaak
Senior Guest Scientist
VU University, Amsterdam
Lucy Lawrence
Lucy Lawrence
Senior Digital Content Producer
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