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Bringing Life to PK Profiles – In Vivo-Relevance From an In Vitro Environment

Bringing Life to PK Profiles – <i>In Vivo</i>-Relevance From an <i>In Vitro</i> Environment content piece image

In drug development, microphysiological systems (MPS) are utilized to develop in vitro biological models that can generate more physiologically- and human-relevant data.

However, typical step-changes in drug concentrations from in vitro dosing solutions do not adequately reflect  in vivo  pharmacokinetic (PK) exposure profiles, potentially resulting in inaccurate ranking of drug effectiveness.

In this webinar we will introduce a new MPS platform designed to address these challenges: the PhysioMimix™ PK – a novel microformulator developed by CN Bio. The original unit was invented by Professor John Wikswo from Vanderbilt University. By delivering dynamic, customized PK profiles for two drugs from human-relevant in vitro biological models, this unique technology provides a means to explore and predict clinically relevant treatment combinations and dosing schedules.

The aim of this presentation is to:

  • Introduce the working principles and flexibility of the PhysioMimix™ PK
  • Emphasize its capabilities regarding exposure to clinically relevant monotherapies or drug combinations/schedules
  • Demonstrate the PhysioMimix™ PK’s enhanced performance versus classical techniques
A picture of Dr Tudor Petreus
Dr Tudor Petreus
Senior Scientist, CN Bio Innovations