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Chuck the Buffer Exchange Time Suck With Big Tuna

Chuck the Buffer Exchange Time Suck With Big Tuna content piece image
The Problem
Manual buffer exchange methods take up tons of your precious time and are a pain to manage in large numbers - often leaving you with inconsistent results and playing catch up to meet your deadlines.

The Solution
Big Tuna is a fully automated buffer exchange platform that can exchange and concentrate up to 96 samples in parallel – with just 30 minutes of setup. By automating the previously painful and error prone process of buffer exchange and concentration, Big Tuna gives researchers the consistent sample handling, degrees of process control and throughput that just aren’t possible with manual methods.

The Proof
Tune in to learn how Big Tuna has helped tons of labs and CDMOs smash their buffer exchange bottlenecks for proteins, mAbs, nucleic acids, AAVs and LNPs. We will show formulation case studies for both mAbs and AAVs that will showcase the type of real recovery results of <96% you can expect from automating your buffer exchange with Big Tuna.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:
  • Scale your biologics and gene therapy biomolecule buffer exchange and concentration applications to save time and maximize sample recovery
  • Overcome bottlenecks in buffer exchange through automation of the process
Dr Del Ray Jackson
Dr Del Ray Jackson
Senior Product Manager, Unchained Labs