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Decoding the Developing Human Immune System

Decoding the Developing Human Immune System content piece image

The human immune system is extremely complex, comprised of multiple cell types and states interacting in myriad ways to produce diverse cellular ecosystems. The rise of single-cell genomics in recent years has contributed a great deal to understanding this complexity and the role of the immune system in infection, inflammation, and disease

In this webinar, Muzlifah Haniffa of Newcastle University will demonstrate the application of single-cell genomics to decode the developing human immune system. In particular, she will discuss her work using single-cell RNA sequencing to study human fetal liver and bone marrow hematopoiesis and human skin in health and disease.

Attend this webinar to gain insight on:

  • The Immune Cell Atlas, its complexity, uses and applications
  • How stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine can be improved by decoding our immune system
  • How single-cell genomics has helped with our understanding of the immune system in infection, inflammation and disease
A picture of Professor Muzlifah Haniffa
Professor Muzlifah Haniffa
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Professor of Dermatology and Immunology, Newcastle University and the Sanger Institute
A picture of Lucy Lawrence
Lucy Lawrence
Senior Digital Content Producer