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Enhancing Characterization of Product Quality Attributes With Electron Activated Dissociation-Based MAM

Confident identification of product quality attributes (PQAs) and unambiguous differentiation of their isomers are critical for the successful implementation of multi-attribute method (MAM). The CID-based MAM workflow relies on complementary MS/MS techniques and uses more advanced instrumentation in separate experiments for differentiation and accurate quantification of isomeric PQAs.

Traditional electron-based dissociation approaches cannot be used as a single injection method for the simultaneous characterization and relative quantification, due to low duty cycle and poor sensitivity. The electron activated dissociation (EAD) platform method offers the capability for isomer differentiation, and the speed, reproducibility and sensitivity for confident quantification of PQAs in single injection.

Attend this webinar to: 

- Learn how a single-injection EAD platform method enables differentiation of isomers for confident identification and quantification of important PQAs

- Understand why an EAD-based MAM is accurate and reproducible

- Get to know the streamlined process of MAM data analysis using Biologics Explorer software and SCIEX OS software

Haichuan Liu
Haichuan Liu
Senior Biopharma Applications Scientist, SCIEX