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Exploring the Lipid Landscape and Unravelling Isomers

Exploring the Lipid Landscape and Unravelling Isomers content piece image

Lipids are highly structurally diverse molecules that play a pivotal role in a plethora of biological processes. Deciphering biological roles of the lipidome is challenging due to the existence of numerous structural and stereoisomers. This high chemical complexity of the lipidome is one of the major challenges in lipidomics research, as the traditional LC-MS-based approaches are not powerful enough to separate these isomeric and isobaric nuances within complex matrices. This webinar explores the use of high-resolution ion mobility performed on the MOBIE platform for the characterization of different lipid classes starting from phosphatidylcholines and gangliosides.

Attend this webinar to: 

  • Understand the benefits of utilizing high-resolution ion mobility mass spec for lipid analysis
  • Learn to resolve challenging structural and positional isomers without complex instrumentation
  • Explore the importance of fully characterizing the lipidome as it relates to disease research
Dr Komal Kedia
Dr Komal Kedia
Senior Scientist, Merck