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Extraction E2E: Why Filtration is a Critical Step in Cannabis Oil Processing

Extraction E2E: Why Filtration is a Critical Step in Cannabis Oil Processing content piece image

The cannabis oil market is growing at a rapid pace across North America, as well as the globe. With legalization continuing throughout the world, new producers are going to be faced with the daunting task of producing large volumes of high-quality, compound rich oil with a clear, golden character that is free of chlorophyll.

To produce cannabis oil, the compounds must first be extracted from the plant. There are several ways to extract the oil with ethanol extraction being one of the most common methods.

Following extraction, operators face the challenging process of filtration to remove the undesirable wax that causes haze and the green color from the chlorophyll in the sativa plant. Current filtration methods suffer some significant drawbacks including product loss, reduced quality and consistency, and are not scalable enough to meet increasing product demand.

In this session, Pall Corporation and Evello International will share their best practices on how to optimize your extraction and filtration process.

In this webinar, we will cover: 

  • Challenges in the cannabis oil extraction process
  • Weaknesses in current filtration methods
  • Optimizing your extraction process whilst ensuring product quality with clarification and color removal solutions
  • Best practices for the extraction and filtration of cannabis oil
Bruce Vanaman
Bruce Vanaman
Vice President, Evello International
Connor Hutcherson
Connor Hutcherson
Field Application Scientist, Pall Corporation