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Fatbook: An Adipose-Tissue Immune Cell Social Network

Fatbook: An Adipose-Tissue Immune Cell Social Network content piece image

Why do we need to talk about fat?

Because adipose tissue is an endocrine organ and as such a prominent signaling hub for maintaining metabolic health of our entire body!

Immune cells populating the organ are key to adipose tissue’s function. The central role of adipose tissue immune cells is highlighted by the fact that pathological configurations of obese adipose tissue involve a chronic low-grade inflammation.

Understanding the adipose-tissue immune cell social network is a precondition for combatting the obesity pandemic affecting already about two thirds of the world’s adult population. Lipid-Associated Macrophage (LAM) Cells serve as gatekeepers mediating between the metabolic and the inflammatory state of adipose tissue. Therefore, LAM Cells serve as a prime target for anti-inflammatory interventions.

But whom do LAM Cells talk to, and can we rationally manipulate those chats for the improvement of immuno-metabolic properties? Join us to discover more.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn about the complexities of the immune cell network
  • Discover incredible studies and recent developments in this field
  • Explore how understanding the adipose-tissue immune cell social network can be used to combat the obesity pandemic
Dr Lorenz Adlung
Dr Lorenz Adlung
Independent Junior Group Leader, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Lucy Lawrence
Lucy Lawrence
Senior Digital Content Producer