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Fighting Toxic Chemicals – Evaluating the Safety of Cobinamide as a Neutralizing Agent

Professor Gerard Boss' lab at the University of California San Diego is developing the vitamin B12 analog cobinamide as an antidote against toxic chemicals. Previous research established that cobinamide is well tolerated by mice, rats, rabbits and pigs, but caused hepatotoxicity in dogs. To gain insight into its potential effect in humans, Boss and colleagues wanted to test it against an in vitro primary hepatocyte model.

This webinar will outline how Boss' lab used CN Bio’s Toxicity Testing Services to investigate the hepatotoxicity of two cobinamide formulations. Dr. Boss will discuss the results of the research, study and how the work informed which formulations of cobinamide could be safe for humans.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Discover more about cross-species hepatotoxicity variability
  • Learn about drug sensitivity in dogs versus other test species
  • Understand the importance of human-relevant drug evaluation
Professor Gerard R Boss, MD
Professor Gerard R Boss, MD
Associate Program Director, Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine