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Hidden Traces – Using Chimeric Spectra To Boost Protein Identification Rates

Hidden Traces – Using Chimeric Spectra To Boost Protein Identification Rates content piece image
The field of mass spectrometry has advanced tremendously over the last decade on both the hardware as well as the software side. Nevertheless, we still do not use the full capacity of the acquired proteomic data and several layers of information get lost in typical label-free quantification data-dependent acquisition proteomic datasets. A major source of this information loss is the presence of chimeric spectra, which contain fragment ions from multiple peptides, and the inability to fully interpret them.

In this webinar, we explore how the CHIMERYS intelligent search algorithm gives us a handle to elucidate the hidden traces within chimeric spectra. We’ll also discuss how CHIMERYS increases instrument efficiency and protein identification rates through deconvolution of chimeric spectra, enabling new data acquisition strategies with wide-window acquisition.
Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn how to interpret proteomics data from mass spectrometers more fully
  • Understand how CHIMERYS elucidates chimeric spectra
  • Deploy new wide-window acquisition methods to increase instrument efficiency for proteomics
Dr. Johanna Tüshaus
Dr. Johanna Tüshaus
Postdoctoral Researcher - Technical University Munich