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Identification of Protein Aggregation Through UV-Visible Spectroscopy

Protein aggregates can irreversibly form in solution through a number of processes and are common within unstable samples. This results in a lower concentration of non-aggregated materials which can negatively impact pharmaceutical applications and can require further purification steps. Therefore, it is important to determine the extent to which a sample is aggregated early in the experiment. Typically, aggregates are identified using size exclusion chromatography. However, recovering the samples after this analysis is difficult and often time-consuming.

Watch this webinar to learn about how:

  • To rapidly recognize the presence of protein aggregates using UV-VIS
  • The absorption of a protein aggregate can be obtained using an integrating sphere
  • To determine the concentration of aggregated and non-aggregated materials in a scattering solution
Dr Jennifer Empey
Dr Jennifer Empey
Application Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific