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Kidney as a Target: The Important Role of SLCs (Sodium Linked Co-Transporters)

Although the primary focus of the pharmaceutical industry has been identifying the mechanisms of drug elimination and potential drug liability, there is now an increasing focus on the kidney as a therapeutic target. In this webinar, the role of a number of strategies to actively target therapeutics to the proximal tubule to regulate expression of proximal tubule transport proteins or modify gene expression will be explored. The webinar will review a number of case studies on the interactions of a range of small molecules, peptides and biologics (gene therapies) with various SLC families generated in the highly differentiated, near-physiology aProximateâ„¢ primary proximal tubule platform.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Gain understanding of the utility of the aProximateâ„¢ platform as a model of the proximal tubule
  • Hear an up to date review of the proximal tubule as a therapeutic drug target
  • Gain an understanding of targeted delivery of small molecules, peptides and biologics (gene therapy) to the proximal tubule
Dr Colin Brown
Dr Colin Brown
Chief Innovations Officer, Newcells Biotech