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Nanopore Sequencing: The Mobile Methylome


Nanopore Sequencing: The Mobile Methylome

Who's speaking at this Webinar?

Adam Ewing
Group Leader, Translational Bioinformatics Mater Research Institute University of Queensland, Australia

Transposable elements are mobile segments of DNA that comprise about half of the human genome and contain a subset of active elements that continue to expand in copy number.

While there has been considerable progress in understanding the regulation of these elements in general, relatively little is known about the regulation of specific individual elements due to difficulties inherent in confidently mapping short reads to repetitive DNA.

In this webinar Dr. Ewing will describe how long reads, combined with the ability to infer methylated CpG bases, greatly facilitates the study of transposable element genomics in particular and the methylome in general.

This webinar will:

  • Show the impact of transposable elements on the genome as an endogenous mutagen
  • Outline how transposable elements are regulated
  • Demonstrate the benefits of nanopore sequencing for transposable element biology


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