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Reduce Cost of Matrix-Rich HPLC Separations

Reduce Cost of Matrix-Rich HPLC Separations content piece image

How To Increase the Cost Effectiveness for HPLC Separations of Challenging and Matrix-Rich Samples

The performance of HPLC columns has improved dramatically in recent years due to particle size reductions. However, matrix-rich samples require extensive sample preparation, demanding additional time and a higher cost when moving methods to UHPLC using columns with small particles.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how monolithic silica columns can help: 

  • Combat the challenges of matrix-rich sample analysis using HPLC or UHPLC
  • Simplify the U/HPLC workflow to save time and improve productivity
  • Improve food and beverage and cannabinoid analysis as well as for complex pharmaceutical formulations. 
Petra Lewits
Petra Lewits
Global Product Manager, HPLC Columns