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Simplified Diafiltration for Protein Purification content piece image

Simplified Diafiltration for Protein Purification

Tangential flow filtration (TFF), also known as cross-flow filtration, is a rapid and efficient method for the separation and purification of biomolecules.

TFF can be used to concentrate sample solutions ranging in volumes from 10 mL to thousands of liters. It can also be used to fractionate large from small biomolecules, harvest cell suspensions and clarify fermentation broths and cell lysates.

Another major usage of TFF is to perform a process called diafiltration, a technique that uses ultrafiltration membranes to completely remove, replace or lower the concentration of salts or solvents from solutions containing proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and other biomolecules.

This webinar will explore the applications of diafiltration across immunology, protein chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry and biotechnology.

Attend this webinar to learn:
  • How to optimize laboratory-scale protein purifications
  • About tangential flow filtration techniques and ultrafiltration membrane selection
  • How to operate both continuous and discontinuous diafiltration methods

Richard Pearce
Richard Pearce
Independent Consultant

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