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Structural insights into biomolecules by High-Resolution Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Ion-Mobility Mass Spectrometry is an analytical chemistry method that separates gas-phase ions based on their interaction with a collision gas and their masses.

The additional dimension of separation added by Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry MS allows the detection of different structural isoforms of molecules.

In this webinar, Christian Klein, LC/Q-TOF and IM-QTOF Product Manager at Agilent Technologies will explain how High-Resolution Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry can improve structural insights and demonstrate the power of its benefits behind High-Resolution Ion Mobility MS.

In Christian's talk you will learn how:

  • CIU (collision Induced Unfolding) is used to quantitatively describe structural changes of proteins
  • To obtain IM resolution of over 200 by de-multiplexing (HRdm)
  • High IM resolution can be used in life science applications and its benefits
Christian Klein
Christian Klein
LC/Q-TOF and IM-QTOF, Product Manager Agilent Technologies, Inc.