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Sciex_Webinar_September19th2023_Next-Generation Drug Development

Tackling Analytical Bottlenecks in Next-Generation Drug Development

There are hundreds of drug candidates to screen for purity, integrity and stability during early drug development, which can become a considerable bottleneck.

High-throughput analytical platforms and fast analysis methods are attractive approaches to address high sample volume issues. CE-SDS is a widely recognized workflow for the determination of purity in protein and gene therapy products. However, a major limitation of this method is its low throughput, resulting in highly inefficient method development and optimization when onboarding new molecules.

This webinar discusses how to assess the purity of mAb and viral vector samples using a capillary electrophoresis-based strategy that enables a significant reduction in turnaround time without compromising data quality. 

Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn about rapid method development for new modalities
  • Discover reproducible characterization of impurities
  • Enable an eight-fold increase in throughput
Andy Blum
Andy Blum
Scientist, Biogen
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