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Cytiva webinar hosted by Technology Networks

The Future of Diagnostics: Advancements, Challenges and Opportunities

Webinar brought to you by Cytiva

Advances in molecular and immunodiagnostics are enabling a personalized, high-precision approach to health in many clinical areas. But how will this continue to develop in the next five years? 

In this webinar, our panel of industry experts will share insights on the molecular and immunodiagnostics market by looking at the external factors which will have the most influence in the next five years. 

Our panel will also discuss the key challenges and opportunities facing the diagnostic industry and the developments that are likely to have the most impact on patients. 

The panel discussion will:

  • Highlight the external factors that will have the most significant positive and negative impacts on the diagnostics industry in the next five years
  • Review key challenges and opportunities facing the diagnostic industry in the next five years
  • Highlight the areas that are likely to have the most impact on patients
  • Summarize the solutions and technologies available to accelerate the future of diagnostics

Andrew Gane
Andrew Gane
Technology Manager, Diagnostics and Genomics, Cytiva
Dr. Klaus Hochleitner
Dr. Klaus Hochleitner
Global Lead, Technical Product Specialist Diagnostics, Cytiva
Professor Mikael Kubista
Professor Mikael Kubista
Head of the Department of Gene Expression, Institute of Biotechnology, Czech Academy of Sciences
Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan
CEO and Founder, The DNA Company
Dr. Tiffany Hood
Dr. Tiffany Hood
Senior R&D Scientist, Diagnostics and Genomics, Cytiva
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