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The Most Comprehensive Insight in Cancer Genomes: New Discoveries

The Most Comprehensive Insight in Cancer Genomes: New Discoveries content piece image
With the genetics behind cancer being both diverse and complex, there are many genomic deviations that need to be detected and analyzed to further our understanding of the disease. Using nanopore sequencing, scientists can achieve the most comprehensive insight into cancer genomes. To explore this further, this symposium will bring together experts in cancer research, where they’ll cover how they are using the technology.

The speakers will discuss detecting missing structural variants, characterizing mutation patterns and how nanopore sequencing has advanced their research.

Attend this webinar to discover:
  • The capabilities of adaptive sampling, a targeted nanopore sequencing approach
  • The importance of structural variant analysis in cancer research
  • How a team characterized patterns of mutation occurrences in non-small cell lung cancer genomes
  • How methylation and transcriptome data were used to explore possible causes of genomic mutations
Dr. Peter Tsai
Dr. Peter Tsai
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences - The University of Auckland
Dr. Ayako Suzuki
Dr. Ayako Suzuki
Associate Professor - Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Dr. Olivier Lucas
Dr. Olivier Lucas
Associate Director, Diagnostic Testing Solutions - Oxford Nanopore Technologies