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Unlocking Plant 3D Genome Architecture With Pore-C Sequencing

Unlocking Plant 3D Genome Architecture With Pore-C Sequencing content piece image
Determining the 3D structure of the genome reveals spatial interactions between chromosomal regions. This crucial information can be used for genome scaffolding or for understanding how chromosomal architecture impacts gene expression. Pore-C is an end-to-end chromatin conformation capture workflow that uses the Oxford Nanopore platform to unravel 3D chromosome topology.

In this webinar, New York University’s Dr. Jae Young Choi will discuss how to perform Pore-C sequencing in plant species to generate chromosome-level genome assemblies and map chromatin interactions to identify candidate enhancer‒gene interactions.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How nanopore sequencing technology can be used for the sequencing and assembly of plant genomes
  • How to apply 3D chromosome conformation capture techniques to obtain chromosome-level genome assembly
  • How to use nanopore sequencing-based chromosomal contact data to infer chromatin regulation in genomes
A picture of Dr Jae Young Choi
Dr Jae Young Choi
Postdoctoral Researcher, New York University, USA