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What Columns Should I Use in Proteomics?

What Columns Should I Use in Proteomics? content piece image

Join Brett Phinney, PhD, Director Proteomics Core Facility at University of California, Davis, CA, USA, as he discusses why column choice is critical in proteomics studies, and why choosing columns known for reproducibility, sensitivity and robustness is vital.

Explore how Brett Phinney's, PhD, lab elevates proteomics workflows through careful column selection. Brett Phinney, PhD, will also discuss how his column technology choices help the lab deliver its mission of:

  • Providing both cutting edge affordable proteomic, and protein characterization services with a rapid turnaround time
  • Implementing novel proteomics methods
Brett Phinney, PhD
Brett Phinney, PhD
Director Proteomics Core Facility
Michael Krawitzky, PhD
Michael Krawitzky, PhD
PepSep Product Manager, Bruker