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What Is a Microarray?

What Is a Microarray? content piece image

A microarray is a miniaturized assay comprising a solid surface printed with a multitude of molecules which are available for multiplex interaction and detection. They have applications in many fields including genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, biomarker quantitation and others.

Watch this webinar to learn about: 

  • What microarrays are and how they are made
  • Examples of how microarrays are used across research and pharma
  • The slides, reagents and other tools required to perform a microarray
  • Fluorescence detection and how you can quantify fluorescent images of your microarray
A picture of Adam Buckle
Adam Buckle
Lab Manager, Arrayjet Ltd
A picture of Shawna Prange
Shawna Prange
Director of Research Development, Grace Bio-Labs
A picture of Adriana Lagraulet
Adriana Lagraulet
Applications Manager, Innopsys