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Latest News

A pair of syringes on a yellow background.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Regimen Protects People With HIV in Clinical Trial

Results from an ongoing clinical trial show that a three-dose course of a hepatitis B vaccine protects people with HIV from contracting hepatitis B.
A model of a human heart.

Myocarditis Risk Seven Times Higher With COVID-19 Infection Than Vaccines

The risk of developing inflammation of the heart muscle is seven times higher with COVID-19 infection compared to the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a new study.
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Model Can Estimate Vaccination Levels in Wildlife

Researchers have developed a model to estimate bait vaccination effectiveness in wild animals.
This digitally-colorized image depicts a number of Influenza A virions.

Exploring Influenza Genetics To Improve Vaccine Accuracy

A research team has investigated how changes to one surface protein of the influenza virus affects another, gaining insights into how influenza evolves that could improve vaccine accuracy.
A gloved hand holding a clear vial filled with liquid with a white label between two fingers. Four clear vials sit behind.

Partnership Aims To Improve the Next Generation of TB Vaccines

The National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has awarded two nonprofit research organizations with a $3.5 million, five-year Innovation for Tuberculosis Vaccine Discovery grant.

Gene Linked to Better COVID-19 Vaccine Response

A new study from the University of Oxford explores how genetic variants can influence the immune response to COVID-19 vaccines. The findings are published in Nature Medicine.

Scientists Are Most Creative Early in Their Career

A new study provides the best evidence to date that scientists overall are most innovative and creative early in their careers.


"Smart Surveillance" Needed To Predict Viral Spillovers

A recent review of virus pandemics from 1918 to the present day has highlighted the need for "smart surveillance", targeted preparedness and more research into vaccines.
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Vaginal Immune System Findings Hint at Optimal Vaccination Timings

Levels of key immune-signaling molecules in the vagina undergo clear and consistent fluctuations during the menstrual cycle, scientists report. The findings could help understand the immune systems' role in fertility and aid vaccine development.
A row of coronavirus vaccine bottles, with syringes in front of them.

Long COVID Clinic Referrals Fell by 79% After Vaccine Roll-Out

Referrals to the Cambridge long COVID clinic decreased significantly following vaccine roll-out, suggesting the vaccine plays a key role in reducing the cases of long COVID.